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Bali tutoring agency provide IGCSE Tutor bali who is experienced to handle lots of IGCSE home tutoring every day. We focus ourselves on providing experienced tutors who are qualified and experienced with tutoring international school students using Cambridge IGCSE. IGCSE tutoring consultation with us is free and our customer services will make sure that your tutoring request are fully understood and met your expectation.

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International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

Cambridge IGCSE is a 2 year program offered by Cambridge International Examination (CIE) & is currently internationally the most popular academic qualification for students aged between 14-16 year old.

IGCSE provides a broad and flexible curriculum covering subjects from a wide range: Humanities, Mathematics, Languages, and even Technical and Vocational.Many IGCSE subjects also offered tiered levels: IGCSE Core (standard) and IGCSE Extended

In Bali and Jakarta, IGCSE examinations is offered by various international schools such as Bali Island School, Canggu community school, Singapore International School Jakarta, and more. Students can also register as private IGCSE students from the CIE Jakarta.

Lots of student consider that IGCSE is harder than standard IB MYP examinations. nowadays, many international school students are looking for IGCSE tuition in Bali and Jakarta more than ever. most common IGCSE tutoring subjects include: IGCSE maths, English first language, physics, chemistry, business etc.

Why Have IGCSE Tuition in BALI?

Cambridge IGCSE Curriculum follows the Old O-level style, and it is obvious challenging to master the Curriculum itself. It is already globally considered to be tougher than most national examinations, which bring no surprise considering how it is so widely recognized around the world.

IGCSE students are tested in various forms, including written, oral, coursework and practical assessments. The IGCSE syllabus is constantly updated to remain relevant in the 21st century and students are allowed to take up diverse and advanced subjects.

It can be very difficult for international students to find local IGCSE tuition centres in Bali, since most students take local Indonesian curriculum. Hence, private IGCSE tuition has become popular, with parents looking for undergraduate or graduate tutors who have been through IGCSE, or full-time tutors who have taught extensively in IB & IGCSE and are familiar with the syllabus.

Bali Tutor is your trusted tuition agency. We can provide experienced IGCSE tutors who are capable to help your child excel in their upcoming IGCSE examinations. To request for a private IGCSE tutor, simply fill Whatsapp Us!

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