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Physics Tutor in Bali

Looking for Physics Tutors Bali? You are in the right place! provide Physics Tutors who are not only SMART, but also able to explain the concepts clearly and easy to understand. Unlike usual tutoring agency, support all of our tutor with curriculum and pedagogical content knowledge which proven by research to be effective in helping students to achieve a better result in Physics subject. Our Physics tutor does not work individually, our academic support team always be there to support all of our Physics tutors with rich learning materials, training, and expert consultation.

Physics tutor in Bali for Cambridge IGCSE, A level, O level and IB Diploma provide Phyiscs tutor for IB Program, Physics tutor for Cambridge, Phyiscs tutor for Indonesian Curriculum and Expert Physics tutor for university preparation (IB HL, A/AS level, Foundation year and college students). and Bali Tutoring provide IGCSE tutor for exams to help students from International school or Individual Candidates.  Contact Us for more information about our IGCSE Guru’s qualification.

Our students came from various school in jakarta and Bali :

  1. JIS (Jakarta International School)
  2. British International School
  3. Bali Island School
  4. Canggu Community School
  5. Tiara Bangsa ACS
  6. Bina Bangsa School (BBS)
  7. Binus International School
  8. Springfield International School
  9. Mentari International School
  10. Australian Independent School (AIS)
  11. NationalHigh
  12. Singapore International School
  13. North Jakarta Internastional School (NJIS)
  14. IPEKA International
  15. Raffles Christian International School
  16. Tunas Muda
  17. Nanyang School
  18. HighScope Indonesia
  19. Sekolah Lentera Indonesia (SLI)
  20. Australian International School
  21. Penabur International School
  22. Saint Peter
  23. ICHTUS School and many more

Contact Us for more information about our Physics tutors qualification. Whatsapp: 0896 9439 8857

Bali Home Tutoring

We provide tutoring service for Bali area. Our tutoring service cover most school subject, such as Math, Physics, Chemistry, English, Social studies, Business Studies, etc. Our tutors experienced tutoring students with Cambridge, International Baccalaureate (IB) , VCE, Singapore and US curriculum.
We also provide tutoring service to help students prepare for College/University Entrance Test such as SAT, GRE, GMAT, ACT, TOEFL and IELTS.

Bali Home Tutoring Service has been helping students in Denpasar, Canggu and other places in Bali since 2013. We are dedicated to providing excellent tutoring services accross Bali Island.

Our Private tutors come to your place. We meet in the convenience of your home or any other preferable location near you. At student convenience. On your preferred schedule: mornings, afternoons and evenings on weekdays and weekends.

Each of the session is private only for you. Using one on one tutoring, One tutor focuses on the customized needs of one student. Each student gets the care and attention of our experienced private tutor.

Our team of professionals are experienced at meeting each students most academic needs.

Bali Home Tutoring believe in consistency and persisten effort. Our home school students will work with the same private tutor throughout the academic year, whenever it is possible. Most of our home school students schedule regular weekly appointments with their own private tutor throughout the academic year and even in holiday.

Our students come from some international and national-plus school in Bali and students who visit Bali.
Need to find tutor Bali? Contact us!

Bali Tutor Service

If you need a private tutor for your child in Bali

Bali Tutor Service for students who located in Bali, Indonesia. We are professional tutor dedicated to help students  in Bali for their study. We provide Professional Private tutoring services since 2013. We are available in Bali and Jakarta. We also can provide tutor for those who intends to take Cambridge Examination independently as home schooled student.

Bali Tutor Service around Denpasar

Bali Tutoring is a tutoring service for students in Bali (Around Denpasar, Canggu, etc). The agency was founded since 2013, and it operates in Bali and all Jakarta area. Clients of Bali Tutoring are expatriates and local citizens in Bali who need assistance in school subjects for their children or theirselves. Besides of assistance in school subject, bali Tutoring also offers Private tutoring service in elementary school learning and specialized subject such as extended essay and advanced English. We also provide tutoring services for expatriates who want to learn bahasa indonesia.

Our Coverage Area: All Denpasar, Canggu, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Badung, Kerobokan, Dalung, Kuta, etc

Bali Tutor service for International Curriculum, International School and expatriates and local citizens in Bali

Bali Tutoring Service – Tutors in come from prestigious and reputable university such as Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Denpasar, and other University and overseas universities. They are qualified and experienced private tutors who is able to in teach and have high capability in subjects they master. Our private tutors are capable of speaking English fluently, we belive there won’t be any language barrier between private tutors and students in bali.

Bali Tutoring students come from international and national plus school with international curriculum located in Bali. In the process of matching students and private tutors, bali tutoring always make sure to match them by observing private tutor’s expertise and parents’ expectation for the result. In the case parents might have special expectation for private tutors, we will ensure to follow the expectation in order to find qualified private tutor who is able to help the student reaches his or her optimum potential.

We can help you for:

IB Curriculum (IB Primary, IB MYP, IB diploma)
Cambridge ( Cambridge checkpoint, IGCSE, O level, Cambridge A/AS level)
Australian Curriculum
Singapore Curriculum 

Professional Private Tutor in Bali

Parents are encouraged to observe their own children’s study progress by reading study progress report which is available in the end of each meeting. In the study progress report, private tutors will write activities in the tutoring session and concern that he or she might have about the students progress. This study progress report is intended to bridge parents and private tutors in order to find the most suitable study method for students.

To find out more details about bali tutoring and subjects bali tutoring provide, please contact by sending us emails or calling the number provided.

IB tutor in Bali

International baccalaurate (IB), IB Tutor in Bali, IB teacher in Bali, IB mentor

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) offers high quality international education programs to more than one million students in 146 countries. Some schools in Jakarta already use IB as their curriculum, such as Binus International School (Simprug), JIS, BIS and some other international schools.

IB Tutor in Bali

IB Tutors in BALI help the IB students who learn with IB curriculum and face difficulties in improving their performance in IB school, and also IB students who have motivation to continue their academic study abroad in some internationally recognized, selective, and competitive universities such as in ASIA,UK, USA, etc.

We provide tutors who can help students studying their school’s subjects (Math, Physics, Chemistry, Business study) under IB curriculum. Our services cover almost all of IB programs offered in IB schools:

IB Diploma (Level studies, SL, and HL)

Subjects covered:

Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
Business Studies
Economics, etc

Our IB tutors are those who are experienced in the field of mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business and Management, Economics, etc. Learning IB lessons with our IB private tutor may give the students many opportunities to learn intensively where IB students can open and aboveboard discuss the obstacle they have when studying IB curriculum to the tutors.

Both Jakarta Tutoring and Bali Tutors help students to comprehend the subjects of Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Economy, Business management, Economics, Geography, Bahasa Indonesia, English) with a quality tutors.

A very good time management and satisfying service performed by our tutors is a part of our dedication to students who have chosen to learn and master the three core elements of IB (Creativity, Action, Service, Extended Essays, and Theory of Knowledge) with the tutors from Bali Tutors.


Whatsapp: (+62) 896 9439 8857

Cambridge tutor in Bali


Cambridge International Examinations is the world’s largest provider of international education programs and qualifications for 5 to 19 year old. Many international schools in Jakarta use Cambridge examination to assess the progress of their students.

We provide tutor to help students studying their school subjects covered by Cambridge curriculum. Some of the subjects are:

Science/Combined Science
Social studies
Business Studies
Bahasa Indonesia

We also offer intensive program for students who want to retake their Cambridge examination (IGCSE /O Level, and A/AS Level).

You can choose to study with tutor who speak bilingually or full English. We provide students with complete syllabus and past paper collections.

If you want to find tutor to help your studies, please contact us